Gloria & Ted Kisebach, Lacey WA

Marilyn is a veteran realtor who just knows how to get deals done to everyone’s satisfaction and best interest.
Love her, she is just great.

Dennis & Charlene LaPrade

Marylin is the best to deal with by far. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Joellen Dunning, Spokane WA

Marilyn is a real professional in the real estate world. In this very competitive market having Marilyn on my side was a great asset.

Spencer Balcom, Spokane WA

Marilyn did a great job. She kept me informed of everything throughout the process.

Michael, Spokane WA

Marilyn Amato is a very good real estate agent. She is good at every element of the job that was required for our search and transaction and has excellent interpersonal skills. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the business that affected us, house inspections, the local market etc. I plan to work with her again and would recommend her to anyone planning a purchase or sale in the Spokane WA area.

Michael & Shelley O'Brien

We were introduced to Marilyn Amato though our internet search. We 'chose' Marilyn after meeting her and being impressed with her interest to assist us with our relocation search. Admittedly, our initial focus was too broad and required looking at a lot of properties to refine it. We give Marilyn top marks for her commitment to help us and her patience to work through this process with us. Marilyn clearly knows the Spokane area market and toured us through multiple areas and neighborhoods. We visited lots of houses and areas and by doing so, found our area and determined what we wanted to do. Marilyn's ability to help us sort out our preferences and mold these into a workable, manageable solution is to be commended. Without her steadfast dedication, we would not have refined our preferences into our plan and purchased our property. Marilyn was invaluable to us. We would recommend Marilyn to others who are searching for property or relocating to the Spokane area. We would also advise that people searching or relocating understand the challenge of the distance and the amount of work it requires for your agent to assist. For us, it did not happen overnight. Patience is a virtue and working with Marilyn was our best opportunity.

Gerald & Michelle Theriot, Spokane WA

Marilynn was extremely professional throughout the process. She presented an excellent marketing plan and took into consideration our requests for showing the house. My wife and I would easily recommend Marilynn to others.

Frank & Sharron Morgan, Veradale WA

Marilyn has been a good friend, and we found her honest, and very interested in our concerns. She answered our calls very promptly which meant a lot to us.

Dave & Anita Hoover

Marilynn Amato is the most professional agent we have ever worked with. She has been our family agent for the past 9 years and has helped us and many of our family buy and sell homes. She was so kind and patient with my mother in law when she helped us sell her home. She goes above and beyond for everyone. Thank you, Marilyn, I wouldn't use any other agent!

Claire Montrose, Spokane WA

Marilyn was totally professional. Our work together was brief as I found my house right away. She followed up on everything. I'm totally satisfied. Nothing got past her, she's very observant.

Jim & Tera Rescorla

I found Marilyn through a Google search and it must have been fate. She was excellent and really helped us understand the process in Washington. Along with her local area knowledge and ability to negotiate on our behalf, we couldn't be happier. We are very happy with everything she did for us, we will be recommending her to everyone we know. She is the best! She is the Best, went above and beyond to work with us and get us in to see houses at the last moment, this was key in this hot market and really played a large part in getting our home. And the Kids loved her!

Dennis York, Spokane WA

We are happy with how the whole deal went down. Marilyn is a very qualified professional and she served us well. Thank you Marilyn.

Cathy York, Spokane WA

She was considerate, professional and attentive. Very willing to work with us and understood our need to look at many properties in order to make a decision. Was patient as we looked.

Casey, Spokane WA

Marilyn is one of the kindest souls. She was available anytime we needed her. My wife and I were looking for "the one" and it took some time. She was patient and endearing through the whole process. Now that we have the house of our dreams my wife and I joked that we need to start looking for another just for a reason to see Marilyn again.

Jerry O, Carlson, Spokane Valley WA

The sale of my home went quite quickly. Marilyn had listed it on a Friday and 24hrs later another realtor had a customer to see it on Saturday and the they bought it. The preparation of listing and putting it on the market by Marilyn Amato was exceptional. She coordinates with the other broker and kept me aware of the entire sale from the beginning to the end. She is a professional in her business and a very cordial lady. Thank you Marilyn Amato.

Penny Estock, Spokane WA

Marilyn was a delight to work with. She is both compassionate and professional and handles every matter with tact. Both of my home sales received offers within a day of listing, and then I was guided through the process from beginning until closing. Everything went smoothly and seamlessly. I would recommend Marilyn Amato to anyone selling their home or purchasing one.

Arsenio, Spokane WA

Marilyn listened to us from the get-go. She tried to give her honest and professional opinion after the house has been sitting in the market for 2 weeks with less activity. She agreed that we needed to lower the price to generate potential interest. To ensure we listed it correctly, Marilyn invited brokers and realtors for an open house. Shortly thereafter (after a week), we received a solid offer and rest was history. What really standouts is Marilyn's ethical work commitment during the entire process. Given with the urgency to sell the house, she worked hard even on her family vacation time showing the property. Also, she made sure that we are constantly updated with what's going on with the house inspection, appraisal, closing, etc. Overall, it was a good experience working with Marilyn and we couldn't ask for a better timing and for the price that we wanted to sell the house. Thank you so much.

Penny E., Spokane WA

Marilyn is so friendly and positive it is just fun to spend time with her. She was available when I needed help and put our search on hold when we needed to take a break. Then when we were ready to search, she was ready to go to work for us. We sold a home with her and bought a home with her and are going to sell a second with her.

Mary Beth & Joel Aubertin

Marilyn is the consummate professional. It's clear she knows what she is doing, knows the market and is a VERY skilled realtor. She quickly zeroed in on what was important to us and was spot on with the houses she selected to show us. Hilariously, she was also spot on when she said she didn't think we'd like one we insisted on seeing! She knew us better than we knew ourselves. Our transaction had a little hiccup with the lender which sent Mary Beth into a tailspin. Marilyn helped us through that and kept things on track and was a tireless advocate for us. I honestly believe we would not have been able to close the deal we had on the table, given the hiccup, without Marilyn's tireless advocacy and hard work. She is fantastic, and if/when we buy/sell another house, she'll be our realtor!

Pat, Liberty Lake WA

Marilyn was professional from the first time we met her until the end of the purchase. She is always concerned about us as a family and she looked out for our best interest. Her knowledge of the area was a tremendous help in choosing a home. She was always available and more than willing to help us. I would recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing a home.

Ken Nelson, Spokane WA

Marilyn Amato did a beautiful video presentation of the home that created much interest Very professional in all aspects. Marilyn was always available to discuss our property. She followed through and never missed returning my call or text. She made us feel that the sale of our property was the most important of all of her listings. I have already recommended her to friends and family. I enjoyed working with Marilyn Amato on the sale of this home. She is businesslike, efficient, knowledgeable and creative. I will recommend her highly to family, friends and even casual acquaintances. She is a real pro!

Annetta Farr, Spokane WA

Marilyn was very professional, always friendly, and seemed to want the best results for me. She had excellent suggestions for getting my house ready to sell. She was easy to work with and the end result was a quick sale at a price I was very satisfied with. I would definitely recommend Marilyn.

Jeremiah & Holly, Medical Lake WA

Marilyn is a great professional in the real estate business and was immensely helpful in the process of our home purchase. Trying to buy a house from 2,000 miles away is not easy, but Marilyn helped us navigate the hurdles with great communication and patience. Now we're in a home and community that we love, and we won't hesitate to call on Marilyn again next time we're in need of an excellent realtor.

Val Felsted, Spokane WA

Marilyn Amato is highly professional and is dedicated to finding what a buyer wants. She is pleasant, totally honest and beyond hard working. Her follow through on every detail is exceptional. Marilyn is quick and accurate in responding to questions and requests for additional information. Very few people earn an excellent rating in my opinion, but Marilyn excels in all categories. Her efficiency certainly contributed to our seller's decision to choose to sell to us rather than another party whose offer was the same.

Robert Rowley, Spokane WA

Marilyn did a great job. Highly professional and would recommend her to you and your family.

Dan & Patti Nichols

Marilyn Amato was very professional and knowledgeable on everything and also had very helpful ideas to help the process. She was very accessible when we had a question and that made us feel like we weren't just one of many clients but important to her to help us.

Bill Baker, Spokane WA

She did an excellent job of marketing and selling my home.

Jim & Laura Hainsworth, Spokane Valley, WA

Marilyn Amato has clearly been our first choice for buying a new home, which closed April of 2015. She then listed and helped us sell of our first home, which closed in July 2015. It was literally a slam-dunk! Marilyn is very knowledgeable on every detail be it financial, legal, inspection details, and appraisal information. Marilyn coordinated every schedule and detail from listing to closing. She updated us on all communications as soon as they occurred and responded in a timely manner to any or all of our questions and concerns. She listened and allowed us to make all decisions. Marilyn Amato is who we would highly recommend, we are so glad that our good friends and family recommended her. We could not have done this without her expertise. We understand that she has even found us a great new neighbor who is moving in soon!

M. Littlefield, Spokane WA

Marilyn was always helpful and very patient with me. She stuck with me even though we had a long and trying journey in finding me a home.

Jim & Laura Hainsworth, Spokane WA

We viewed our home on the 18th and closed by the 29th that's how fast and efficient Marilyn Amato is!

May Chen, California

Marilyn provided the best professional service. We definitely would like to work with her in the future.